Here you will find business resources and tools collated by us at Guided Innovation.

Whether you are:

  • Just starting out with ideation 

  • Wanting to expand your customer base

  • Hoping to achieve product/market fit 

  • Looking for avenues to scale

  • Improve overall strategy 

  • Or feel you are stuck running in place looking for areas in your business to innovate


you are sure to find something here for you and your team.





Throughout the years of helping businesses grow and commercialise their technology, Guided Innovation has found many helpful resources from many talented writers and content creators, providing insights into business, innovation, marketing, and new ways of thinking. We have collected those resources into two repositories for you to use here. 


Tools & workbooks


Using knowledge and experience gained from guiding and consulting numerous small-to-medium enterprises, Guided Innovation have consolidated what we found to be the best and most insightful business tools into the Guided Innovation Toolkit.

The tools have been organised into a step-by-step process in the form of downloadable Workbooks, available to you through the Guided Innovation Portal.



Guided innovation blog


We love sharing ideas or new resources we come across that will help you along your business journey, and we will often explore different business news or topics that pique our interests through our Blog.


Some of our Blogs will even help you when filling out the Guided Innovation Workbooks!  




Guided Innovation also work closely with the Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation (CERI) in Western Australia, a business incubator and entrepreneurial mindset education organisation. 

Guided Innovation has collaborated with CERI in the creation and facilitation of several of their course offerings, and we always welcome more who wish to take on the course and meet other like-minded entrepreneurs to learn and collaborate.